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Seriously, close that tab

Browse Me Later is an unopinionated reminder to read that great article you were sent weeks ago that's sitting in an overflowing todo list.

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With browser extensions and mobile apps quickly save a page to your list and get a reminder in your weekly digest email.

Set aside a time and day once a week to get an email with your saved pages. Read a few articles and the rest will be waiting for you next week.

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This isn't a guilt trip.

Your most recent pages are what are most relevant right now. Your email digest will fade out old pages over time if you never get to them. Don't be silly, they're still in your account if you want to find them later.

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Your data is yours. You decide what to look at.

Browse Me Later is privacy focused and will never share your data and has no interest in suggesting what you should be interested in.

Hi! I'm Steven

Yup, it's just me. Browse Me Later is a modest product meant to stay small. I'm designing it to be great for users without need of outside funding, questionable usage of your data, or advertising. Feel free to contact me on Twitter or my website.

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Browse Me Later will be available soon. Interested in being an early user and helping direct initial browser and app support? Enter your email below.

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You're all set

Thank you for your interest! I'll have updates soon on how you can give us feedback and start using Browse Me Later.