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Browse Me Later is a bookmarking service coming soon to help you get back to the things you already want to read rather than throwing more at you.

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Set a time every week when you can focus on catching up. Once a week you’ll get an email with your saved bookmarks. Catch up on a few things and the rest will be waiting for you next week.

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Quickly save a page with the Browse Me Later browser extension or mobile app and it will be added to your weekly email.

This isn't a guilt trip.

Your most recent bookmarks are what are most relevant right now. Your weekly email will fade out old bookmarks over time if you never get to them. They're still in the app if you want to find them later.

Hi! I'm Steven

Browse Me Later is a modest product meant to stay that way. I'm designing it to be great for users without need of outside funding, questionable usage of your data, or advertising. Feel free to contact me on Twitter or my website.

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